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Welcome to Venus Marketplace. Venus Marketplace was established in 2018. It is among the best marketplaces of the Darknet. It ranks high in all search engines.
You can browse the products and place orders. The website keeps records as encrypted hashes. It gives importance to seller and buyer security.
Escrow service is available, refund if seller doesn't ship the products. Products are calculated in dollars. Payments are made with Bitcoin.
Shipping to all countries. Cargo content is confidential and secure. Website Vendors and Products 100% verified.

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  • 10mg/325mg Hydrocodone - 100 Pills

Venus Market - We have verified this product for you. (100% Real Product) Please read the description.

At CapitalPharmacy, we are the best in the pharmaceutical industry. Long time experience, we are happy to deliver medicines to you. We are number 1 with secure, confidential and fast shipping option.

Escrow Service

We offer a full refund (via Venus Market Escrow system) if the item does not reach you or you encounter problems with the item.

Product shipping and description

Products, magazine, box, etc. It is mixed between the packages and shipped in vacuum bags and anti-xray proof bags,

Can't be caught. We take security measures for both you and ourselves.

The cargo will be sent to you 100% securely. We wish you to be our regular customer.

What are xray proof bags?

From trials and comparisons checks, we have found nothing that compares to our xray proof bags.

A heavy coating of blended alloys and synthetics, layered to become the superior choice for all your storage requirements.

Xrayproof heat sealable bags provide the greatest of protection to retain and preserve all smells.

They are completely U.V Proof, oxygen proof, gas proof, water proof, anti-static proof and even x-ray proof.

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Vendor Name CapitalPharmacy
Total Sales 2186
Member Since 20.04.2020
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Customer protection / Escrow Yes

10mg/325mg Hydrocodone - 100 Pills

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